His Girl Friday (1940)

90Episode # 43:  In this episode, James and Lara discuss the famous, rapid-fire, overlapping dialogue in HIS GIRL FRIDAY, which was clocked at 240 words per MINUTE! We also get into how director Howard Hawks allowed the actors to ad-lib, the fact that Rosalind Russell’s character used to be a guy, and our friend Larry Morgan of the Snarkmonkey podcast joins us to to talk about the new HIS GIRL FRIDAY release from the Criterion Collection that features a restoration of the film’s source material, 1931’s THE FRONT PAGE. Plus, there’s a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon moment where Lara tries to connect Ralph Bellamy to Kevin Bacon. Can she do it? Can YOU? Grab some coffee and join us for one of the finest examples of screwball comedy on film!

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  1. HI – I enjoy the pod cast very much- Great show on HIS GIRL FRIDAY –
    and I am a big Classic movie fan – at 47 but to let you get a perspective- I had seen all the marx brothers fims by age 10- and that is just the tip of the idce berg as far as early classic film and radio shows that I was exposed to by the most brilliant of teachers..
    3 very good suggestions of 3 films that have been MAJORLY UNDER APPRECIATED by film buffs an non- film buffs— 2 older and 1 older from 1978 –
    1. NO WAY OUT 1950 ( a film noir with a very important racial and social message- still very applicable today) – was Sydney Poitier’s First Film ever this is a super film , with a very important message from the character that Sydney Poiter Portrays – great commentary by Eddie Muller- Film noir Tsar– ” the Tsar of Noir” as he is known as they say as well on the dvd
    2. The Juggler 1953 with Kirk Douglas- first movie to show a survivor of the Holocost as a character in a movie and 3. THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL 1978 a very under appreciated film
    with Gregory Peck, Sir Lawrence Olivier and James Mason and 2nd or 3rd appearance in a movie by Steve Guttenberg
    Joseph L. Mankiewicz – Wikipedia
    most people – even movie buffs – have not heard of NO WAY OUT 1950 by Director Joseph L. Mankiewicz – and the Producer of NO WAY OUT 1950 is Darryl F.Zanuck—
    so don’t feel too bad if you have not heard of it or THE JUGGLER 1953 film as well- I wont be shocked if you are not familiar with the BOYS FROM BRAZIL 1978 as well.
    I hope you can review all 3 or at least one of these movies relatively soon
    Best regards,

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