High Noon (1952)

94EPISODE # 34:  HIGH NOON stars Oscar-winning Gary Cooper as Will Kane, a marshall in Hadleyville who is getting married to Grace Kelly and planning to retire and leave town. However, just as he is saying his vows, Will receives word that Frank Miller, a bad guy who Will sent away to jail, has been released and is returning on the train at HIGH NOON to get his revenge on Will and take over the town. Everyone urges Will to flee, but to the horror of his new bride he decides to stay and fight, hoping that many men from the town he had protected for years will join him. Cut to the famous scene of Will standing all alone in the middle of a deserted Old West town…

HIGH NOON, with its enduring message of doing the right thing even when it comes at great personal cost, is the most-requested film by U.S. presidents, with a certain former POTUS showing it 17 times while in office! We get into that, along with the iconic theme song by Tex Ritter, and the connections that Gregory Peck and musician David Crosby have to the film. Larry Morgan of The Snarkmonkey podcast returns as our Audience of One to reveal what HIGH NOON has to do with the McCarthy era in Hollywood (a LOT) in an episode that will have YOU wondering if you would slap on a tin star and stalk the empty streets alone to face your destiny, or close the curtains and pretend you are not home while hiding upstairs.

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