Notes from our discussion of THE GENERAL (1926)


Hear our Classic Movie Recall ep on THE GENERAL here.

The General is an engine.

Buster Keaton was influenced by Harold Lloyd.

The scene where the train falls was the most expensive scene in silent film history.

Buster’s real name was Joseph.

Buster’s nickname was the great stone face…he’s doing all this physical comedy and never cracking a smile.

He was an actor, producer, director, writer and he did his own stunts.

Orson Welles said THE GENERAL is the greatest comedy ever made, the greatest civil war film ever made, and perhaps the greatest film ever made.

After the 1920s, Buster’s career went off the rails, he had some personal issues, but he cleaned himself up in the 40s, did that cameo in SUNSET BLVD, got his career back on track, and earned an honorary academy award.