The Champ (1931)

90EPISODE #41: Welcome to our very first VIDEO podcast! Our regular audio podcast will continue, but from time to time we’ll post a video version. In this episode we discuss THE CHAMP (1931) while on location at the legendary Beverly Hills estate that was built in the 1920s by director King Vidor. We get a peek inside this ultra-exclusive home (later owned by actor John Barrymore and director Tony Scott), and also a drone’s-eye view of the stunning grounds. We discuss Jackie Cooper’s astonishing performance at such a young age, Wallace Beery’s plan to become the highest paid actor in Hollywood, and the innovative way that King Vidor moved the camera to capture some exciting boxing sequences in the early days of “talkies.” We also discuss Frances Marion’s terrific script, and the power that women had as Hollywood was just becoming Hollywood. Our regular audio podcast series is available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

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