The Cheat (1915)

90EPISODE # 47: Our podcast about THE CHEAT (1915) is actually a welcome excuse to talk about the art of silent film. Find out why film historian and motion picture preservationist Randy Haberkamp’s choice of THE CHEAT turned out to be a perfect springboard for a discussion about the great silents. This episode was recorded at the Hollywood Heritage Museum on Highland Avenue, just across the street from the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Visit them in person or at:

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  1. SOME ideas for future movie reviews
    some ideas – these are a variety of type of films that are from varoious decades but are
    not reviewed so often and probably under appreciated
    list is below

    Bringing Up Baby 1938 with Cary Grant and Katherin Hepburn
    Gunga Din 1939 with Cary Grant –

    – this movie is one of and perhaps the main forerunner to the idea of _ Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 –

    The Juggler 1953 WITH KIRK COUGLAS

    The Man who Knew too Much 1956 with jimmie Stewart Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

    The Boys From Brazil 1978 w G Peck , L Olivier and James Mason

    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn 1982

    The Treasure of the Sierra Madre with Humprey Bogar

    Key Largo with Humprey Bogart Edward G Robinson and Lauren Bacall

    Stalag 17 1953 w. William Holdn

    one that is only 14 years old is
    Master and Commander 2003 with Russel Crowe
    – a fantastic film that has been under appreciated and maybe regarded as a classic in years to come.
    they cover a variety of times and dates of course

    Hopefully one of these may make your next pod cast film review- and others in the future..
    Best regards,


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