The Fly (1958)

90EPISODE # 17:  When scientist Andre Delambre (Al Hedison) tests his matter transporter on himself, an errant housefly makes its way into the transportation chamber, and things go horribly wrong. As a result, Delambre’s head and arm are now that of the insect. Slowly losing himself to the fly, Delambre turns to his wife, Helene (Patricia Owens), for help. But when tragedy strikes, Delambre’s brother (Vincent Price) and Inspector Charas (Herbert Marshall) are forced to pick up the investigation. In our review, we talk about why Lara watched this film through her fingers, alternately laughing and then being genuinely moved. James discusses how it was shot so well that a lot of it seems believable (except for the two money shots), and we both agree that when you are invited into someone’s creepy basement laboratory, nothing good will come from it. Put away your fly swatter and keep an eye out for the fly with the white head; this is one to invite friends over to watch with you.

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