The Heiress (1949)

97EPISODE # 46:  THE HEIRESS (1949) brought Olivia de Havilland her second Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Catherine Sloper, a single, dowdy young woman who just happens to be loaded. In this episode, James and Lara are joined by vintage fashion expert Annamarie von Firley ( to talk about costumes for black and white film vs. color, why Montgomery Clift’s clothing looked 1940s-ish in the film (which was set in the 19th century), and how the fashions in films move the story along. We also get into Livvy’s astonishing performance ten years after GONE WITH THE WIND, which actor in the film was so unhappy with their performance that they walked out of the premiere, and which beloved actor who is practically an official national treasure proposed to Olivia…but she turned him down. Is it all about love? Or all about the benjamins? Join us as we break down one of William Wyler’s finest films, which was based on WASHINGTON SQUARE by Henry James.

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