The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)

93EPISODE #26: THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE (1962) is directed by John Ford, and stars John Wayne as a gunslingin’ cowboy good guy, who instead of being at odds with a typical Western outlaw, finds himself going up against do gooder Jimmy Stewart, not just in how to deal with evil thief Liberty Valance, but for the affections of the lovely Vera Miles. Since the title gives away that Valance DOES get shot, the mystery is who does it, and there is a cool twist surrounding that that you will have to watch the film to discover. Our Audience of One is writer, producer, and USC professor Trey Callaway, who helps us break down A FACE IN THE CROWD. In this episode, we discuss super bad bad guy Lee Marvin as Liberty Valance, and the joy of seeing John and Jimmy, two pillars of classic cinema, on screen together. We also acknowledge the undercurrent of pessimism running through the picture, as the man (John Ford) who created what we think of as the classic western movie is now tasked with tearing it down. You will also learn where on the Sunset Strip John Wayne once kept a cow on the terrace; it’s now a famous hotel!

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