Dinner at Eight (1933)

94EPISODE # 49: James and Lara recorded this episode (there is an audio and a video version) at the historic King Vidor/John Barrymore/Tony Scott estate in Beverly Hills. John was actually living there while he made DINNER AT EIGHT (1933), which was filmed just down the hill at the MGM studios in Culver City. In our discussion, we cover the scene-stealing Marie Dressler, who was in her sixties when she made this film and is a name you need to know; what famous director—known as “the women’s director”—and other legendary Hollywood players were behind the camera; and the kind gesture screenwriter Frances Marion did for one of the stars that effectively brought her back from obscurity. Put on your finest jewels and don’t be late for the adultery, scandal,  backstabbing, and wit of Old Hollywood at its finest in DINNER AT EIGHT.