Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

96EPISODE # 65:  This beloved historical drama is on just about everyone’s top-ten list of favorite films. Based on the 1926 autobiography The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by British officer TE Lawrence, many people call it “the greatest film ever made”! In this episode, James and Lara are joined by author & classic movie expert Jeremy Arnold, who shares fascinating insights on this nearly-four-hour epic.

One thought to “Lawrence of Arabia (1962)”

  1. I have avoided this movie like the plague. When I was a kid it was rereleased in theaters and I had no interest in seeing it then or when it was finally shown on TV. I finally recorded it off of TCM, so I will one day in the near future force myself to watch it. It just doesn’t appeal to me on the surface, but I hope that will all change when I finally watch it for the first time.

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