Rebecca (1940)


EPISODE # 61:  From the “master of suspense” himself, Alfred Hitchcock, this 1940 film is the story of a young woman who marries a grieving widower only to find out that she must live in the shadow of his former wife who recently died mysterious death.  It’s creepy yet enthralling, gothic yet romantic, filmed in stunning black & white. With incredible performances from Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine and Judith Anderson, this is just about everything you want in a classic movie.

One thought to “Rebecca (1940)”

  1. Another fun review. As far as Joan Fontaine goes, I think Selznick wanted to introduce a new “personality” in the lead role like he did with Vivian Leigh in GWTW. Many established actresses auditioned for the role including Loretta Young and Margaret Sullivan. Olivier wanted Leigh to be his costar, but Selznick didn’t think she was right for the part. She took a screen test too. All of this is on the Criterion DVD. All the screen tests are interesting, especially a 17-year-old Ann Baxter. As far as Hitchcock and editing goes, he was known to edit “in camera.” He didn’t waste a lot of film in general.

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